Included in post buy analysis is the understanding of what is working to reach potential customers and what is not. For broadcast schedules, we compare our estimated audience delivery to actual delivery using the most recent Nielsen ratings data. We use the information to hold our station partners accountable for delivering the estimated audience. We also use this data to improve the performance of broadcast schedules by eliminating programs and/or stations that consistently do not perform as expected.

When monitoring delivery of radio schedules, we check invoices for proper separation between spots and that the schedules had fair vertical and horizontal rotation. In addition, for annual radio schedules, we monitor whether stations ratings change more than 10% from one survey period to the next to insure the integrity of the original buy is in tact.

For print, we monitor that our clients’ advertisements ran in the appropriate sections of the magazines and/or newspapers and had the agreed-upon separation from competitive ads.

Internet post analysis includes evaluating the data from the websites utilized as well as data from our clients’ webmasters to determine the number of impressions delivered and click-throughs to the clients’ websites. Internet advertising provides us with quick data to analyze which ads perform better with potential customers, as we can change the message and offers frequently.

For more information about post buy analysis, contact Blue Onion Media today to speak with our advertising specialists.


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