Floyd’s 99 Barbershop

Increase number of haircuts by converting more online traffic to location visits through Digital tactics.

Floyd’s 99 Barbershop is a vibrant, growing chain of barbershops that is evolving its online presence, adding online bookings and other improvements.

Of course we laid out geographic and demographic, behavioral, retargeting and more in the store trade areas. We didn’t stop there. Retargeting curves go from high to low, focusing impressions in the first hours and days after someone visits a website. When it comes to visitors who book a haircut online, this is the exact opposite of what will be effective because they are least likely to book a haircut when they have just had one. Blue Onion Media identified the opportunity for retargeting online bookers in a different way and customized Floyd’s retargeting curve to work the opposite way, increasing weight when the next haircut will be needed by the customer.

A 226% increase in appointment conversions from the week 1-2 (collecting data phase) to week 5-6 (capitalizing on retargeting data).