Omni Hotels Case Study

Omni Hotels & Resorts is a privately held international luxury hotel company with 52 locations in 3 countries.

To promote a Spring Break Package that featured 14 of the hotels in the Omni Hotels system.

The campaign ran for 10 weeks. We targeted families with kids who were 10 years old or younger and had a household income of $150k+ with a 100% digital media buy. We placed banner ads on and as well as ran display banners on lifestyle channels and employed behavioral targeting.

Due to the nature of the buy, we were able to track several measures of the campaign. In addition to impressions and clicks, we could track actual conversions, which in this case was a room booked, a request for rates or a new sign up for the Select Guest program. Most importantly, we were able to track revenue generated by this campaign. Less than $100,000 was invested in this campaign which generated $270,630 in actual revenue, showing a return on investment of $3 for every dollar spent.