100% focused on increasing media ROI.

We’re meticulous and tenacious. Our team of keen-eyed experts relies on data and experience to drive your media buying and planning. Planning strategic media based on defined objectives is just the beginning. We are strong negotiators so we are able to maximize your media investment. We go full circle following response and conversion rates through the very end of the campaign so that next time, we leverage what works and eliminate the rest.
Our process uses the latest state-of-the-art research and software. With 200+ years of combined experience in media planning and buying on 270 brands across 20 categories, we know how to translate metrics into action. We also know how to negotiate exceptional value for you in the marketplace. Our attention to detail and thoroughness are unsurpassed, especially in this go-go-go market.

Gain an advantage. Partner with Blue Onion Media to maximize your advertising investment… and feel supported every step of the way.

  • We bring decades of experience and a fresh perspective to each opportunity.
  • Delivering true partnership, exceptional service, deep expertise, and value for our partners.
  • Big agency results without the big price tag.

From the Knowledge Bank
I’m sorry, and please don’t shoot the messenger, but you have been misled. The numbers do lie. You were told that they had it all figured out and they could track everything. It is hard to look away from the screen because the numbers are right there, in black and white, from a world-leading brand in data (I’m not going to name names here and get sued, especially given our massive audience). And yet… It’s wrong. You may be changing up your plan tactics and watching numbers change. You want to tell yourself, when your numbers improve, it is because of the optimizations. And when it goes down – shrug - maybe there was some outside factor at play. The reality is that marketing numbers don’t tell the whole story. It is why we love this business and why it is simultaneously so confounding. It is science and art. It… View the full article »