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If you’ve ever been in the Retail business, you know that the key factor to success in retail is: location, location, location.

In addition to your store’s physical location, the location (or placement) of your advertising is just as important. blue onion’s media buying team is on your side every step of the way, making sure your ads are just where they need to be.

We care deeply about every client who entrusts their time and budget with our agency, and make a point of working closely with you to ensure a campaign that you love. Our skillful squad knows how to help you invest your advertising dollars to create a powerful impact.  Our team members have extensive experience with driving enthused customers to retail locations, ready to spend, and know how to cultivate growing sales to exceed your expectations.
We are big on communication- we get to know your company and goals well, so that we can customize each campaign for your unique needs, including budget, type of products, time of year and many other key factors. We create strategies that grow with your company, keeping your campaigns fresh, visible and relevant.

We’ve enjoyed working with many fantastic retail concepts, including:

  • Shopko
  • Dollar Tree
  • Good Feet Arch Support Stores
  • ACE Hardware Stores
  • Fast Cash
  • Plato’s Closet
  • Colorado Ski & Golf
  • LensCrafters
  • King Soopers
  • Sears Optical
  • Jiffy Lube


We understand the market, and the challenges that you may face through the journey of running your company.  blue onion sets goals with our clients to increase profitable sales and transactions by reaching out to new customers, enticing current customers to come back more often, and knowing just the right way to promote our clients’ companies to significantly increase their average sales.


We do this by creating a clear, committed partnership with our clients, helping them determine the right amount of investment dollars for their budget and goals, priming strategies towards the right target audience and making sure each and every ad is visible at just the right time.


This partnership approach helps us to stay a few steps ahead in strategy planning, which means taking out the rush and bringing in proactive, confident strategies.

For example, one of the most challenging retail assignments is the grocery segment. Grocery stores require expertise and constant growth, due to constantly changing environments, seasonal changes, extensive customer options and difficult profit margins. blue onion media worked with King Soopers/City Market (owned by Kroger) for over 18 years and currently supports several smaller grocery concepts as well. Our ability to navigate the quirks of this industry comes from three of blue onion’s core cultural norms: be informed, be flexible and always be committed to results.


While these clients are not exactly “retail”, they are still focused on driving consumers to specific places with a short promotional window. We’ve enjoyed creating successful campaigns for:

  • Disney on Ice
  • Ringling Bros.
  • Barnum & Bailey Circus
  • Monster Jam
  • Arena Cross
  • The Denver Auto Show
  • The Wildlife Experience
  • Denver Zoo

Each of these opportunities has helped us deepen our collective insight into different local markets. We’ve developed some great “secret recipes” to media buying in this fast paced setting. We love seeing our clients’ excitement as we see it all come together, watching each event’s seats fill up with excited audiences!


Our media planning and buying expertise has its foundation in our cutting edge, in-depth research. We aim to thoroughly understand your target audience through our vast data resources, including analyzing their choices, needs, obstacles and where and when to find them.

We use primary and secondary source in order to minimize any wasted impressions or ad dollars. blue onion also invests over $250,000 annually in valuable data resources, including Nielsen TV & Audio ratings, Scarborough, Kantar Media Intelligence and Strata planning and buying software. Living in the Age of Information, we understand the irreplaceable value of data.

We strive to increase visibility and return on your investment, and we continually aim to make every dollar directly translate to your increased success. We make a point of excelling in the delivery of cost effective campaigns and promotional programs, and communicate regularly with you to make sure you get exactly what you want.

We show you ways to define your message, calculate your budget and select the most effective media strategies. With this focus, you can increase the quality and frequency of your customers, and drive extra business without breaking the bank. Team members use their industry insider superpowers to negotiate “to the wall” with media vendors on your behalf, holding them accountable for the efficacy of each dollar spent, while always making sure to keep those relationships flourishing for future projects. We audit every single spot on every invoice to make sure our media buys run precisely as expected in the marketplace.

We also have another resource for data that isn’t available to all media buying agencies: our retail clients share current sales data with us, so we can thoroughly understand what is “moving the needle” with consumers on a regular basis.

Our analysis of sales volume and types of transactions helps us shift resources among markets or products to achieve the best possible ROI for your advertising investment. We keep you up-to-date and on top of the latest trends, with clear, solid data to drive your campaign into the limelight.

If you’re excited to move forward with our customized, in-depth strategy and a delightfully gratifying return on your investment, give us a call! blue onion media can show you how to make the changes you’ve been waiting for, without the headache. We’re excited to get started! Call us today: (303) 232-1100

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