Residential Experience

Blue Onion has enjoyed helping our clients reach homeowners since 2003.  Consumers want reliable companies that they can trust with their homes, since it’s one of their most important investments.

Visibility is key for showing customers that your company is there for them during important milestones and seasonal changes when they need your services the most. They are looking for companies who put in their best efforts for replacement windows, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, air duct cleaning, energy audits, lawn & garden products, real estate transactions, home building, and other residential services, and it’s our mission to make the connection!

When we bring together excellent companies with customers looking for quality work, everybody wins!

We’ve had the pleasure of working with the following home & residential brands:

  • Ductworks
  • Window World
  • Service Experts
  • HomeVestors
  • Done Plumbing
  • McStain Neighborhoods
  • Revive
  • Richlawn Organic Gardening Supplies
  • American Exteriors
  • Colorado Comfort Teams
  • American Standard
  • Pella

We set our sights on reaching new consumers right when they are in the decision-making process, getting straight to ‘yes’. For most customers, their home is the most expensive and important investment they make, so they want to make sure they are getting great value and worry-free reliability. When they are searching for solutions, we make sure our clients’ ads are there, right when and where they need them!

Our “secret sauce” is a unique mixture of leveraging traditional and digital media, customized media plans and executing strategies designed to grow our clients’ profits from qualified, committed customers.

We understand that timing is everything!  For many of our clients, we can’t “miss the season.”  Being proactive is key for successful campaigns, so we take the structuring of timing for deadlines and goals very seriously.


When temperatures soar & consumers’ HVAC systems break down, our clients’ messages are right at the forefront, ready to offer their services.  When spring lawn & garden lovers put on their gloves and eagerly drag out their gardening tools, they can’t miss our messaging, offering the products and services they are just beginning to realize they need.

We always make a point of looking ahead to anticipate the needs of our clients’ markets, with important touches such as having situation-specific ads ready to go in advance, such as being ready for the moment that an imminent hail storm threatens windows and roofs of homeowners- we make sure that you’re there with just the right ad, right when they need you.

Our media planning and buying expertise are founded in solid, ongoing research.  We aim to thoroughly understand your target audience, using primary and secondary sources in order to minimize any wasted impressions or ad dollars.  Blue Onion invests over $200,000 annually in resources, including Nielsen TV & Audio ratings, Scarborough, MRI-Simmons, Kantar Media Intelligence and Strata planning and buying software. Data is the foundation of great strategy, and we make sure that we are always on top of the latest trends and market changes.

In this Age of Information, tracking the response of our clients’ advertising has never been more important.  We thrive on data to help us determine what’s working and what needs to be refreshed to create a greater impact.

Whether we’re aiming for that first-time homeowner, the DIY fixer-upper or the retiree ready to sell their home and move on, our finger is always on the pulse of the changing dynamics of your target audience. This means fewer headaches of “figuring it out” for you – we already have you covered and know how to reach your target audience in a meaningful way.
Something that we’re known for with our clients is that we’re not just satisfied with offering a service – we are driven by RESULTS. We treat every advertising dollar you invest with care and careful consideration.

We show this care at every step of the process, from our regular, clear communication to how we audit every invoice down to the penny, to make sure our strategies and buys run as expected in the marketplace. Team members use their industry insider superpowers to negotiate “to the wall” with media vendors on your behalf, holding them accountable for the efficacy of each dollar spent, while always striving to keep those relationships flourishing for future projects.

We’re only satisfied when you’re absolutely delighted. It’s as simple as that.

We strive to increase visibility and return on your investment, so we make a point of focusing on the delivery of cost-effective campaigns and promotional programs. We support you with ways to define your message, calculate your budget and select the most effective media types and times. With this focus, you can increase the quality and frequency of your customers and drive extra business without breaking the bank.

If you feel that this is the time to bring your company new growth and exciting new possibilities, then it’s time to give us a call! Our team is ready to assist you in creating an enjoyable, worry-free campaign to help your business blossom. Contact us today and let’s do something incredible (303) 597-9661!