SonderMind Case Study

Our Client
SonderMind is a behavioral healthcare company growing rapidly in the U.S.  The company matches people seeking mental health visits with licensed therapists in their areas who also will accept insurance.  In 2020, SonderMind launched telehealth visits to support new potential patients during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our Challenge
Our task was to develop and execute a media campaign in several states to increase consumer brand awareness, positive brand association and market share through marketing activity.  Ideally, the campaign would drive potential patients to either call or visit to enroll.

Our Strategy
We were provided with a list of current therapists by zip code in existing markets in order to geographically launch digital outdoor boards and a digital audio campaign.  Initially, the client wanted to invest a heavy amount of marketing dollars into a region that did not have enough providers in the pipeline to fill patient demand.  Blue Onion Media recommended a thoughtful, data-driven approach for budget allocation to each market, saving the client thousands of dollars that would potentially be ineffective.  The plan included 3rd party data layers designed to reach current sufferers of anxiety, depression and insomnia which our research indicated were likely symptoms causing the target audience to seek therapy.

Our Results
New patient sign-ups increased week over week and cost per new patient steadily decreased.  Due to the success of this campaign, the client is rolling out marketing efforts in additional states into 2021 and 2022.