Sparrow Bariatrics

Among people not considering bariatric surgery, increase awareness of the procedure as an option to provide a choice for a healthier lifestyle and to empower the target audience to take control of their health.

Sparrow is mid-Michigan’s premier health care organization. A previous campaign for bariatrics generated many leads, but the leads did not translate to surgeries. The potential patients’ decision-making cycle is long, up to 4-6 months, requiring a sustained campaign with a limited budget.

Blue Onion Media used a combination of hypertargeted, efficient media in highly-targeted zip codes discovered in our analysis of first-party data. Our plan
creates effective reach throughout the patient journey. We used programmatic digital display and video, targeting obese Adults 25-54. We also used retargeting to reconnect with visitors to the website who did not engage the first time.

Four months in, the campaign generated almost 300 qualified leads, a 50% increase. The projected return on media investment is 15:1.