Digital Marketing and ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’


Hi, I’m Joel Grabois and I’m a digital marketer.

Digital marketing, unfortunately, lends itself to a common human failing: “Shiny Object Syndrome.”

This is the tendency we all have to be distracted and enticed by the latest “shiny object” – and suddenly we have to have it or use it – because it’s new and different. Nobody wants to miss out on the next big thing.

And, we’re all guilty of it!

For example, social media companies aren’t anything new but they’re constantly evolving to remain relevant, which keeps them in the “shiny object” category for many people.

Here is one of the keys to success in leveraging the often confusing and overwhelming topic of digital advertising. Find balance by letting the strategy lead the way rather than the tactics!

We sometimes have clients who come to us with decisions already made, certain they have to be on Snapchat or Swipe Right or Viber, when, in fact, that channel makes little or no sense for their brand or marketing goals. Right now 17% of you are looking up those last two platforms, and I just made one of them up! It doesn’t exist.

On the other hand, the smarter, more profitable choice is to begin with a thorough understanding of your marketing goals, your brand identity and your current assets, then use that information to determine which digital channels offer the best fit and most cost-effective path to success.

It’s very easy for marketers to waste time, effort and money chasing each new “shiny object” in digital if there isn’t a well-thought-out strategy leading the way.

I encourage you to stop wasting your time – and money.

Make the decision to commit your brand to a sound strategy, call in the experts and let us help you navigate this challenging landscape. It doesn’t cost a thing to start a conversation – (303) 597-9661.