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Digital Media Attribution is Mostly Wrong because… People Google Stuff

I’m sorry, and please don’t shoot the messenger, but you have been misled. The numbers do lie. You were told that they had it all figured out and they could track everything. It is hard to look away from the screen because the numbers are right there, in black and white, from a world-leading brand […]

The Emperor’s Epiphany

By Joel Grabois, CEO, Blue Onion Media (first published by Galvanize Worldwide) Everyone knows the folk tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” in which the all-powerful leader is, in fact, buck naked – but no one is bold enough to call him out on it, except an innocent child. I believe that the marketing industry, like […]

KILL Your Dashboard

Why kill your dashboard? It’s blocking your view of the road.  I presume a dashboard is a panel facing a driver containing instruments and controls, like in a car. Last time I checked, my car didn’t have instruments measuring tire rotations/sec or Starbucks passed/gal or even bird poops avoided (or not avoided). In fact, in my […]