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TV Advertising’s Liability Blind Spot – Guard Your Flank!

If you are using an external media buyer to place television spots in any of these markets, you will want to do your due diligence and request to see the contracts. Click here to learn more!

Why High-End Magazines Haven’t Gone Away in the Luxury Travel World

Change is a constant in today’s world, and the far-reaching impact of the Digital Revolution is both a prime example and a significant driver of that trend. But, in some cases, change occurs around something rather than to it, and the effect is just as noticeable. One example of this phenomenon is the luxury travel […]

What Does an Optimal Digital Mix Look Like for a Retail Store?

For large retail chains operating in an extended geographic area (from one county to nationwide), it is wise to use traditional mass media options like TV, radio and print for top-of-the-funnel offers. The visual and audio aspects of these media channels create brand recognition and elicit a craving for your products. Strategically targeted digital campaigns supplement […]

Why Integrated Media Plans Drive Retail Success

For marketers in today’s constantly connected digital world, no conversation is taken seriously if it doesn’t include something related to digital marketing strategies and tactics. After all, that’s pretty much all that’s left for retail marketers to work with if they want results, right? Wrong. The digital-only approach is a misconception that many companies and […]

Is Your Resort Getting its Fair Share of Group Business?

Keeping a resort filled and profitable is a juggling act. Certainly, occupancy rates are important, but success goes far beyond keeping a full house. To really maximize profitability from your guests, you have to analyze travel trends and seasonal ebbs and flows, adjust marketing and sales efforts, and optimize the highest occupancy on the most […]

3 Ways Data Helps Creative Agencies Achieve Better Results

The ability to get a client’s message to resonate with the appropriate target market is a key goal and measure of success for creative agencies. Whether that message is delivered through traditional or digital media channels, the aim is still the same: produce creative messaging that will drive awareness, recognition and action. As a creative […]

Make the Most of a Partnership Between a Creative Shop and a Media-Only Agency

What media buying agency partnership looks like for creative outlets and the benefits that come with it. It’s one thing to produce killer creative for a client. But, it’s a completely different story when you can guarantee that creative will be seen by the audiences it was intended for. Wouldn’t it be nice if your […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Advertising Budget

Gain additional insights by watching this short video from Blue Onion Media’s Pete TenEyck. Want more? Shoot over an email or give him a ring at (303) 597-9661. He’s a pro when it comes to helping businesses effectively navigate the evolving media landscape, and he’d be happy to answer your questions or discuss your pain […]

Leveraging the Reach of Media Buying for Sports Programming

Let’s take a quick timeout from the seemingly endless discussion on the rise of streaming on-demand video services… and how that’s been impacting advertisers by allowing viewers to avoid commercials. There is still one genre that is still consistently viewed live: Sports. From time to time, some overly optimistic soul thinks that he can watch […]

How Millennials Consume Video

It’s a given that Millennials have their own culture when it comes to media, with very different preferences, devices, and programming choices than other age groups. They have a totally different style of watching shows, using a far higher amount of internet-based and mobile viewing options than older demographics. While Boomers watch TV and listen […]

Is It Time To Hire A Media Agency?

Advertising is a complex and multifaceted industry. Many businesses try to handle it all in house only to find they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. While it works for some, it often becomes overwhelming and increasingly difficult to stay relevant. Hiring an expert media agency probably sounds like more of an investment than […]

Strategic Media Buying: What You Need To Know

Many business owners find themselves wondering how to begin the process of making advertising decisions. After all, creating and executing a media buying plan can be incredibly complex. With a seemingly endless number of placement options, terms, rates, negotiations, and headaches, ask yourself this – if you’re spending a large amount of your time on […]