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TV Advertising’s Liability Blind Spot – Guard Your Flank!

If you are using an external media buyer to place television spots in any of these markets, you will want to do your due diligence and request to see the contracts. Click here to learn more!

Leveraging the Reach of Media Buying for Sports Programming

Let’s take a quick timeout from the seemingly endless discussion on the rise of streaming on-demand video services… and how that’s been impacting advertisers by allowing viewers to avoid commercials. There is still one genre that is still consistently viewed live: Sports. From time to time, some overly optimistic soul thinks that he can watch […]

How Millennials Consume Video

It’s a given that Millennials have their own culture when it comes to media, with very different preferences, devices, and programming choices than other age groups. They have a totally different style of watching shows, using a far higher amount of internet-based and mobile viewing options than older demographics. While Boomers watch TV and listen […]

Media Buying During the Political Season

Advertising during a political season can be confusing for seasoned advertisers, let alone those who are relatively new to advertising. Business owners want to know how their advertising campaigns will be affected—and we’re here to help! Have a look at this Q & A with Heidi Dater, Blue Onion’s Media Associate Media Director, for some insight […]

Should I Advertise During the Olympics?

Advertising during the Olympics is a completely different creature from advertising during the rest of the year. Not only are there demographic differences, but the style of ads has its own unique flavor. The big question on everyone’s mind is: is it worth the investment to advertise during the Olympics? Olympic Advertising is Booming Looking […]