How Millennials Consume Video

It’s a given that Millennials have their own culture when it comes to media, with very different preferences, devices, and programming choices than other age groups. They have a totally different style of watching shows, using a far higher amount of internet-based and mobile viewing options than older demographics. While Boomers watch TV and listen to the radio for the news, and stick to cable and local channels on their television for watching their programs, Millennials get their news online more than on TV or radio, use apps for the weather, go online for many of their shows, and spend much less time listening to the radio. The list of differences goes on and on, and it can feel like a scramble for many businesses to keep up!

Even when you think you have this whole Millennial thing down, not all Millennials fit into the same categories, which means your ad strategy may not be as effective as you thought! The differences between someone born in ’81 and someone born in ’96 are significant, ranging in life stage from higher education to young professionals to established families in their prime earning years.

When our partners have millennials as a target audience, as media experts we segment this broad group into three main life stages and analyze their media usages so we can increase our partner’s media ROI. For instance, a young professional consumes more media than a young family. Here is more detail on two of their life stages.

Millennials who live on their own or with a partner, tend to consume a lot of media and subscribe to various streaming platforms from Hulu to Netflix. Due to their independence (which probably includes financial independence), they are more likely to enjoy finer technologies such as an Apple watch or the newest iPad or laptop available. Reaching this life stage requires an experienced agency, such as ours, to craft a media strategy to reach them across their various devices.

Young Families are very busy in this life stage. Between balancing school life and work they have very different priorities than the other life stages. Owning various devices (including some for their children) is critical to have technology that is mobile and easy to access. Due to their busy schedules, they have less time to watch TV.

We Know Our (Millennial) Stuff!

When it comes to reaching this demographic, you need an agency that understands each of these stages (and supports that knowledge with data), knows how to identify YOUR ideal Millennial, and also knows how to get their attention in an arena that their specific group frequents. At Blue Onion Media, we specialize in customizing your ad strategies to ensure a clear, visible, and engaging message, living in just the right places for your target market Millennials to discover them. Contact us today to learn more about how to capture the attention of the right group of Millennials. Your business – and bank account – will thank you later! (303) 597-9661