How Digital Media Planning Helps Your Marketing Mix

Availability and visibility are important parts of marketing. They build trust and interest in your company. The ways in which we reach our intended audiences are constantly evolving. We’ve gone from town criers to the printing press to radio and television. Which brings us to now: the age of the Internet. Are you using it to your fullest advantage?

When you have a strong digital presence, there are far more touchpoints with your audience, and that creates space for more dialogue and interest to be generated. With some creativity and close listening, you can open up many new opportunities for garnering interest and encouraging action. Not sure how to listen effectively? We can show you how!

Knowing your way around digital media planning is a powerful and necessary part of participating in today’s market. However, many don’t have the time to utilize digital tools to their full potential. For example, do you know why you should invest in Social media and how to measure its performance? Which platform has the best ROI? What the touchpoints are for the most committed leads? Each type of advertising has its own strengths that enhance other parts of the process.

Not all leads, as many of us have learned, carry the same weight and commitment. A lead calling in from a TV commercial may be someone who is further along in the decision-making process and interested in talking to an actual person. A lead from Facebook, in contrast, might be at an earlier stage of interest and may want to keep any communication digital.

There are also subtler ways to give you the advantage, like remarketing. Remarketing shows your ads to people who have already visited your site which is a strong signal of intent. It helps keep your services fresh in their minds. People are influenced by how often they see something; the more often they see it, the more credible and familiar the company seems to become. We are creatures of habit, and this helps your audience to become more comfortable and familiar with your business which, in turn, makes them more likely to choose your services.

Tracking pixels are another way to get a good look at the amount of interest and action that your website experiences. They’re the size of a single pixel, invisible to the naked eye but underneath they’re powerhouses of information. Tracking pixels can show you how many people saw your digital ads and engaged with your website. They can also show you how many visited but did not choose to make a purchase, which are helpful tools when fine-tuning your marketing strategy.

At Blue Onion Media, we specialize in advanced and integrated digital media planning and work to help you navigate this ever-changing process. We know to use these tools and many others daily, to give our clients the exposure and feedback needed to take their business to the next level! With us, you’ll never experience costly expenditures with little return, because we use our collective years of experience to help you get the most value for your advertising dollars.

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