Tips to Make PPC Advertising Work for You

What exactly is PPC? PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is also known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and Paid Search. While traditional avenues like television commercials and print ads can reach a broad spectrum of people, PPC advertising can help you reach out to search engine users looking for what you have to offer. PPC ads only show up when a user is actively searching for your type of product or service, which makes your advertising dollars work more efficiently.

PPC also gives you tangible minute-by-minute data on the success of your ads. One such metric is your click-through rate, which is how many actually clicked the link to your landing page. Another is your conversion rate, which is the number of people who, after visiting the landing page, contacted your business. With this information, you can make your campaign even more relevant for search engine marketing.

Tip: Did you know that PPC ads can also generate calls? By placing a phone number in the ad, people are able to call without actually clicking on it. In order to effectively trace these calls to your PPC campaign, make sure to use a unique phone number or track line.

When working with a professional team that knows their stuff, you can expect to see your ads on the first page of search engines within a day of launching. Unlike SEO, which takes time to build, PPC has a more immediate impact. A skilled team, like the Blue Onion Media, will make regular adjustments (daily or weekly) as you test out different ads and campaigns.

How do I make the most out of PPC advertising?

  • Get specific. Don’t be afraid to use long-tail keywords. While you will attract a narrower group of people, you’ll target users further along in their customer journey, leading to a higher conversion rate.

For example, if you have a flamenco dance studio, putting out PPC ads for “dance classes” will make the ad visible to anyone searching for dance classes. Choosing a more specific term, such as “traditional flamenco dance classes”, will bring people to you who are specifically looking for what you offer. You have a much higher chance of being contacted by someone looking for flamenco classes than you do someone looking for generic dance classes.

  • Get their attention for the next step. In your ads, it’s important to have a clear direction for people interested in your business. A strong call to action (CTA) is the key to getting consumers to take the next step.
  • Be willing to learn and reevaluate based on feedback. The gift of PPC advertising is that you have an incredible amount of feedback at your fingertips. Let it guide you. Ads can be modified in real-time based on the responses you get. It also helps you create ads that are increasingly relevant and engaging.

If you’re unsure how to read and interpret the data, skilled professionals, like those at Blue Onion Media, can help you interpret your feedback and translate it into a solid strategy for increasing your business.

Get your company out of the shadows and into the limelight! Our team provides a blend of creativity and meticulousness that will help you create specific, engaging, and relevant content for your PPC campaign. If you’re ready to see an increase in your business, contact us today at 303-597-9661.